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[11:54:23] Guest[Lisanti] :

Just waiting for video conference @ 12:00 noon.

[11:54:26] Guest[Lisanti] :

Dr. Lisanti

[11:56:22] Guest[ISDH1] :

Hello, everyone. we'll begin shortly.

[11:56:54] Guest[DoctorMurphy] :

Yesterday, Executive Order 20-12 authorized audio-visual telemedicine for opioid prescribing. Since many patients are not equipped to do audio-visual telemedicine, Medicare, Medicaid, Humana, Anthem, Aetna, HHS, the AMA and the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure are now allowing audio-only telephone calls to serve as “telemedicine" for opioid prescribing. For the safety of our pain patients and providers, will you please update Indiana’s Executive Order to recognize audio-only telephone calls to serve as telemedicine for opioid prescribing? -James Murphy MD, New Albany, AMA Pain Task Force member

[11:56:56] Guest[MelissaP] :

I have never done one of these. Will the video pop up on the screen?

[11:59:03] Guest[ShaneAveryMD] :

What is the current turn around time for PCR?

[11:59:24] Guest[ISDH1] :

You should see the introduction slide now.

[11:59:37] Guest[ISDH1] :

Please make sure you are using Internet Explorer.

[11:59:50] Guest[mshelly] :

Please let us know when audio begins.

[11:59:52] Guest[ShaneAveryMD] :

Given the low sensitivity, for hospitalized PUI, should we be testing twice 24-72 hours part since the first result may be a false negative? Slow turn around times are making such a policy difficult. I believe this is what China and Italy are doing. I am afraid that hospitals will be saying patients are “OK” if the first test returns negative and remove patients from isolation.

[12:02:40] Guest[ISDH1] :

We are live.

[12:02:43] Guest[Steve] :

Where on the ISDH website are these webinar slides available?

[12:04:46] Guest[ISDH1] :

We will email the presentation along with instructions on how to watch a recording of today's presentation at this same website: http://videocenter.isdh.in.gov/videos/video/4019/?live=true later this afternoon.

[12:07:24] Guest[David] :

are audio only calls other than opiod refills also reimbursed?

[12:07:56] Guest[dave80] :

Any activity yet?

[12:09:05] Guest[Maryjean] :

How do we get audiovisual?

[12:09:10] Guest[ISDH1] :

@dave80 We are live. Please make sure you are viewing in Internet Explorer.

[12:09:44] Guest[mshelly] :

Laptop link very frustrating. THose having trouble please try opening on your smart phone - that's worked for me.

[12:09:50] Guest[ISDH1] :

Please post questions here, and they will be addressed following the presentation.

[12:10:26] Guest[CarlToren] :

I am not getting any audiovisual. I am in Internet Explorer

[12:10:36] Guest[AMilesNPC] :

I had to log in on my phone to see the visual. But can only see this conversation on my laptop- not on my phone

[12:10:36] Guest[Betty] :

No video via Microsoft Edge - checked my settings Adobe Flash Player updated and javascript enabled - ZIP from state's end

[12:12:35] Guest[ISDH1] :

@Betty Please view using Internet Explorer as your browser.

[12:13:56] Guest[NeilM-0] :

I feel testing protocols should be changed to be similar to other countries, 3 tests, each 24 hours apart, and if all 3 negative then patient can be determined to be covid negative. Does ISDH have any recommendations regarding this?

[12:14:28] Guest[JeffBoer] :

Hello, we don't have any audio. Using Internet Explorer, audio from YouTube works fine.

[12:15:35] Guest[AMilesNPC] :


[12:16:19] Guest[ISDH1] :

ISDH will send this presentation and a link to view a recording of this webcast, which will also be available on this site and on a broader format for easier viewing and sharing.

[12:17:19] Guest[ISDH1] :

Some locations also have firewalls that inhibit viewing. Please check with your IT department.

[12:43:03] Guest[abentonmd] :

can you return to the slide earlier that was put up very briefly before the ER doctor something to the effect of "assume symptomatic patinets are positive..."

[12:43:35] Guest[abentonmd] :

and i also want to request the powerpoint be made available independent of the video

[12:44:34] Guest[ISDH1] :

@abentonmd: ISDH will send this presentation and a link to view a recording of this webcast, which will also be available on this site and on a broader format for easier viewing and sharing.

[12:47:18] Guest[ShaneAveryMD] :

Are the "protecting family" and "protecting HCW" slides available as a printable poster for the work place?

[12:50:34] Guest[DrCahn] :

Should hospitals be tracking and reporting patients treated emprically, for presumed COVID-19, as an additional category besides confirmed cases, so as to try to mitigate the severe undercounting of prevalence and location?

[12:52:52] Guest[Geoff] :

Is a high risk exposure an unprotected exposure within 6 feet for more than a certain period of time?

[12:53:47] Guest[GLSIndy] :

Can you give more specifics on the statistics of the COVID-19 cases. Specifically as a pediatrician I am curious about the ages of the pediatric patients.

[12:54:20] Guest[abentonmd] :

glsindy i did notice today on the isdh covodi19 map there was a breakdown of confirmed cases by age

[12:54:21] Guest[britt] :

How many patients on vents are ending up on ecmo?

[12:54:26] Guest[DrWagner] :

What is suggested antibiotic for inpatient management for non vented patients? Are steroids recommended?

[12:55:28] Guest[Kelly] :

I'm an NP in ob-gyn office. We are screening patients heavily and have staff guidelines. Should we have all staff in masks?

[12:57:18] Guest[abentonmd] :

is ISDH really doing contract tracing for all 980 patients confirmed positive? at what time is that going to be non sustainable?

[12:57:39] Guest[GLSIndy] :

I saw the breakdown of COVID-19 cases by age, but it only shows 1.8% of cases in ages 1-19. I would like to know if those cases are in a 3 year old, 10 year old or 18 year year old for example.

[12:59:34] Guest[brownie] :

are we currenlty testing for covid-19 antibodies.

[12:59:37] Guest[Jason] :

Can you talk about the effort of contact tracing and ensure self isolation for confirmed or PUI cases?

[13:04:06] Guest[mshelly] :

Please post here the website on one of the very first slides for where providers can get additional information.

[13:05:17] Guest[cayKomyatte] :

We are not reeiving the webcast. what should I do?

[13:05:24] Guest[abentonmd] :

i want to thank the guest presenters today and their up to the minute real world experience and presentation of the best science available.

[13:06:10] Guest[steve] :

Have observed increased ace inhibitor useage in your sick patients?

[13:06:15] Guest[Jason] :

Thoughts of trending D-dimer and anticoagulation in treating COVID?

[13:06:29] Guest[PujaS] :

Any recommendations/experience on COVID-19 patient with ONLY GI symptoms-abdominal pain (9/10), vomiting, diarrhea, fever x 14 days? Discharged from E.D. x 2. Lung CT -bilateral groundglass opacities. No respiratory symptoms.

[13:07:28] Guest[ISDH1] :

We will be emailing links to a recording and sending the presentation.

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