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[15:58:53] Guest[Greta_at_ISDH] :

We will begin shortly. Thank you for joining us.

[16:00:20] Guest[psingal] :

I cant get video up and running

[16:00:58] Guest[Greta_at_ISDH] :

Please make sure you're using Internet Explorer as your browser and that you're able to get around your network's firewall.

[16:01:21] Guest[psingal] :


[16:03:00] Guest[Hatch] :

Knox County Indiana Health Department connected

[16:03:29] Guest[Rocco] :


[16:04:23] Guest[GinPNP] :

Has the video started?

[16:04:31] Guest[rbaker] :

Need more testing and sites to test besides ER

[16:05:21] Guest[Hatch] :

no sound

[16:08:27] Guest[Rush1] :

No sound or video

[16:08:58] Guest[Greta_at_ISDH] :

Yes, we have started. Please make sure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser. This is being recorded and will be available for viewing later.

[16:11:26] Guest[Wendy] :

Is there guidance developed for first responders, particularly volunteer fire departments?

[16:12:28] Guest[HCHC12-0] :

is this the correct site?

[16:14:56] Guest[Starke] :

wendy - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/first-responders.html

[16:15:14] Guest[W3000] :

When a patient presents with respiratory symptoms and negative for travel to Level 2/Level 3 locations and also negative for flu and pneumonia - what PPE should staff be wearing?

[16:15:23] Guest[Dwyer] :

This is so unfair to exclude all Apple users. Why would you do that?!! There is no Internet explorer for Mac users anymore, and hasn't been for many years. We had have also been excluded from completing death certificates, since the inexperienced (or possibly incompetent?) web designers have recently made that Internet Explorer also. We Apple Users are a large segment of medical providers and should be included in this valuable webcast.

[16:15:39] Guest[mshelly] :

The presenter is sniffling! If she's been involved in evaluating the Indiana case, she should be quarantined!

[16:16:05] Guest[W3000] :

Do you have any recommendation for hospital visitor screening at this point?

[16:19:32] Guest[Greta_at_ISDH] :

Dwyer: Unfortunately we are limited by the technology available. If possible, please access a PC so that you can view this helpful information. We'll also be sending a .pdf of this presentation.

[16:21:30] Guest[Greta_at_ISDH] :

Mshelly: Dr. Weaver has not been involved in the case evaluation.

[16:21:53] Guest[Careona] :

we're trying to conserve our N-95s for AIIR rooms/testing and care of patients and NOT for evaluating patients in clinics or medical offices. We're instructing healthcare workers to use distancing and don isolation garb to include gowns, gloves, and surgical mask. CDC website still lists N95s as preferred protection but doesn't clearly state that using surgical or isolation masks as acceptable (but this is common practice). Could you support this practice?

[16:23:04] Guest[Elizabeth] :

Do you have recommendations for interstate travel in addition to international travel?

[16:23:53] Guest[Dwyer] :

You mean limited by the web site developer. Get a US government grant and hire someone more competent. This is important information and ALL medical internet users are entitled to see the presentation, not just look at a pdf printout.

[16:23:54] Guest[Starke] :

Since a emergency has been declared, will there be any PPE distributed through SNS if needed?

[16:23:58] Guest[lisarn] :

We are a behavioral facility and use non-ABHR. Is this a safe alternative to ABHR? Or should we be using ABHR?

[16:23:59] Guest[rbaker] :

outpatient providers are wanting full isolation to see patients in their office but you imply those who need to be seen in an office when remote evaluation not enough can be seen if managed with a mask and a private room?

[16:24:22] Guest[BrianL-0] :

Has there been a consensus in terms of how long the organism is active on surfaces? If so, are there recommendations for cleansing surfaces in our offices and healthcare facilities? Interval?

[16:25:05] Guest[Emery] :

Can you advise on alternate transport protocols for EMS, including non-transport and notification of the LHD

[16:25:27] Guest[rbaker] :

if a patient with COVID 19 is seen in an office with a mask and HH, will HCWs be considered at medium or high risk for COVID 19

[16:25:33] Guest[josephp] :

shouldn't we tell people who have URI symptoms but are not very ill to stay at home and not come to the ED

[16:25:52] Guest[susan] :

Should we be screening ALL visitors or only visitors of suspected or confirmed Coronavirus patients?

[16:26:08] Guest[Samuel] :

As an outpatient provider, if we have patients calling in for appointments with flu-like symptoms, should we still encourage them to come into the office for evaluation, or go somewhere else?!?

[16:26:22] Guest[W3000] :

When you say screen all visitors - is signage appropriate or should we be posting employees at entrances to screen visitors?

[16:26:48] Guest[Jenny] :

what is the average duration of symptoms for positive patinets

[16:27:52] Guest[jbaltus] :

How do we know how much PPE to have prepared?

[16:28:06] Guest[Kelly] :

Is there the possibility of reimbursement for facilities spending money on facility changes/equipment and overtime under a public health emergency?

[16:29:32] Guest[jmangan] :

Does ISDH have any recomendations about monitoring after recovery, after some reports of potential biphasic illness?

[16:29:40] Guest[charlotte] :

when can we get these slides

[16:30:03] Guest[W3000] :

When you say screen all visitors - is signage appropriate or should we be posting employees at entrances to screen visitors?

[16:30:06] Guest[JanetC] :

Are all labs capable of testing for Novel Corona 19?

[16:30:49] Guest[CovidInfo] :

Should we test patients admitted to the hospital with respiratory symptoms, who test negative for flu / bacteria, and have no travel history?

[16:31:00] Guest[susan] :

CMS and CDC has the recommendation of only screening visitors of suspected or confirmed cases, if we are reading correctly. Is ISDH giving a different recommendation?

[16:31:17] Guest[Steve-0] :

Both from a media communications standpoint and triage perspective, who should be coming to healthcare facilities to be tested, when only supportive care is recommended, even if they are high risk since this will expose other patients and healthcare providers? It seems similar to flu, where most patients do not need to seek healthcare unless they are experiencing severe symptoms, and there may be limited individual benefit.

[16:32:50] Guest[W3000] :

Should healthcare workers who have traveled to a Level 2 country also be excluded from work for 14 days?

[16:34:26] Guest[Kathyt] :

What type of mask should you send PUIs or those with coronavirus home with? Should it be N95 or can it be surgical masks?

[16:34:46] Guest[jbaltus] :

How much PPE is "enough" PPE to have in stock? Do you have guidelines?

[16:34:49] Guest[david-0] :

So I am a primary care physician in Evansville Indiana. If I see a patient who I think might have Covid 19 and contact the state, where do I send them for testing? Are PCPs going to start testing in their own office and send results to the state?

[16:34:52] Guest[W3000] :

When you say screen all visitors - is signage appropriate or should we be posting employees at entrances to screen visitors?

[16:35:58] Guest[josephp] :

do we still need approval from ISDH befor we can do testing for COVID-19

[16:36:09] Guest[Steve-0] :

What is the sensitivity of the np/op swab for covid-19

[16:36:44] Guest[BrianL] :

Patients positive for COVID19 are able to go home? Is this not a public health risk? Are they required to be isolated? Any guidance on this?

[16:37:25] Guest[Daferh] :

do we have plans "point serveillance" in our state to try to assess actiivity ? or for mass screening for increased level of activity ?

[16:37:31] Guest[msutter-1] :

Should we be testing for COVID-19 in all patients who meet the criteria for PUI of severe lower resp illness and requiring hospitalization (3rd group of PUI) but no exposure or travel history. For instance, patient with RLL pneumonia and hypoxia with fever but otherwise low risk for exposure (no travel, no contact).

[16:37:53] Guest[josephp] :

can ISDH tell us we cannot test someone even if we feel strongly that they need to be tested

[16:39:04] Guest[lisarn] :

Is non-ABHR as effective or should we start using ABHR - we are a behavioral health facility.

[16:39:07] Guest[josephp] :

Labcorp says that they now have testing capability

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