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[09:55:51] Guest[Patricia4OPHPM] :

This is Paticia. Please let me know if you have any questions

[10:00:29] Guest[Nicole_Morley] :

Good Morning! THank you for joining us for "Making Excel Work for You!" When using the chat, please type in your name so we can determine who is with us today! :)

[10:04:53] Guest[Alice] :

I can see the chat box, but not the video. Any help?

[10:06:05] ophpm :

labs is here...

[10:06:18] ophpm :

I can see the chat box but no video as well

[10:06:56] ophpm :

Do you see video now?

[10:07:19] ophpm :

Who with labs do we have with us today?

[10:08:38] Guest[Alice] :

no video and no sound

[10:09:22] ophpm :

i'll send lab sign in sheet afterward

[10:09:47] ophpm :

Please go to the top and login as "ophpm" and password "ophpm"

[10:10:46] ophpm :

The prior message was for those that could not see vidoe or have sound.

[10:12:08] Guest[Alice] :

I can see the video and here when i open it in my phone.

[10:13:27] ophpm :

Still no video or sound, am logged in correctly

[10:13:49] ophpm :

Okay, sorry about that. We will let IOT know as there has been an update over the weekend.

[10:13:53] Guest[LaMar] :

video center

[10:14:17] Guest[LaMar] :

more intermediate than expert

[10:14:47] ophpm :

Are you using internet explorer? Edge will not work at all.

[10:18:37] ophpm :

For those that still do not have video or sound feel free to give me a call at 3176526708 and I can try to problem solve over the phone

[10:18:37] Guest[Lindsay] :

I can't see anything either

[10:18:51] Guest[Lindsay] :

Thank you

[10:22:11] Guest[LaMar] :

is that Denise Wright?

[10:23:13] ophpm :

This is Patricia Truelove with OPHPM

[10:43:35] ophpm :

Is it possible to get slides from this presentation? Most examples are very hard to see

[10:45:34] ophpm :

Where can we get copies of the powerpoint?

[10:46:03] ophpm :

Yes. Please send us your name and we will get you a copy of the slides.

[10:46:33] ophpm :

Does anyone have any questions?

[10:46:39] ophpm :

Roxane Collins

[10:46:47] Guest[Kimberly-0] :

Kimberly Cameron

[10:47:00] ophpm :

thanks Nicole!

[10:47:08] Guest[Kimberly-0] :


[10:47:18] Guest[ophpm] :

Scovia, may i have the powerpoint presentation emailed please. skiwanuka@isdh.in.gov Thank you!

[10:47:35] Guest[LaMar] :

If I send you a form can you fix the formulas for me?


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ophpm - 20 June 2019 02:21

If you have any questions please contact Nicole Morley at NMorley@isdh.in.gov

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