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[12:32:48] cancerisdh :

I logged in but can't hear anything. Has it started already?

[12:34:49] cancerisdh :

we just started

[12:34:50] Guest[emily] :


[12:35:42] cancerisdh :

Use cancerisdh for both username and password

[12:36:03] cancerisdh :

Thank you, I can hear. For attendance this is Shelly Hill from La Porte Hospital.

[12:36:13] Guest[Emily09] :

I was not required to log in.

[12:36:17] Guest[Leslie] :

Leslie Woodard is also present

[12:36:48] Guest[Martha] :

Martha Hill present

[12:36:54] Guest[Happytimes] :

Joy James is present

[12:36:58] Guest[Emily09] :

Attendance: this is Emily Freeman from Franciscan Indianapolis

[12:37:37] Guest[CANCERISR] :

Attendance: Joanna Fussell, Saint Mary Medical Center Hobart.

[12:37:39] cancerisdh :

Tracy Paulus from Goshen

[12:37:49] Guest[emily] :

For attendance, Emily Martinez, Franciscan Health Munster, IN

[12:38:58] Guest[jeannette] :

Jeannette Douglas is present

[12:39:09] Guest[Damon] :

Damon Moorman, Marion General Hospital in Marion, IN

[12:39:55] Guest[ljwalker] :

Lorrie Walker from Marion is present

[12:40:37] Guest[BonnieDurham] :

Bonnie Durham /Community Health Network

[12:41:06] Guest[cancerisdh] :

Lurica Timmons in attendance

[13:22:28] cancerisdh :

Beth Otto, Goshen Center for Cancer Care

[13:30:28] Guest[SRK14] :

Samantha Kunz present

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