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[13:03:54] Guest[Katie_ISDH] :

Welcome! Who is joining us on the webcast today?

[13:04:16] Guest[JeremyFunk] :

Jeremy Funk

[13:20:31] Guest[JeremyFunk] :

Cant hear her.

[13:30:15] Guest[Katie_ISDH] :

you cannot hear Laura?

[13:32:50] Guest[JeremyFunk] :

Nope, it was the question about the survey

[13:33:30] Guest[JeremyFunk] :

Wendy emailed it to me, so I have it taken care of

[13:33:35] Guest[JeremyFunk] :

Thanks, KH

[13:33:37] Guest[Katie_ISDH] :


[15:14:26] Guest[JeremyFunk] :

I hope to have upper and lower limit estimates for TBI prevalence by the next meeting.

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